443.950 on the air in Johnson City

The W4YSF 443.950 repeater (118.8 analog tone) is in service in downtown Johnson City. This repeater is part of the FusioNet linked System.

This is a Yaesu Fusion repeater operating in both analog and digital voice. It is linked by Allstar VoIP in the analog mode only. Digital use will cause the repeater to operate in local mode only. No digital group ID is required for access.

Coverage includes Johnson City proper and some of the surrounding areas. This repeater was designed for specific coverage in the downtown area. Your results may vary outside of the designed coverage area.


444.750 now operational in Fusion Digital Voice

The 444.750 repeater is out of test mode and fully operational in System Fusion. This repeater is operating in C4FM Digital voice ONLY. No analog operation is supported.

I recommend using Digital Narrow (DN) mode on the system due to superior bit error correction. Also DN runs GPS data in the sub band allowing for your GPS data(if supported by your radio) to give you distance to station that is transmitting through the repeater.

With your call sign entered in your Fusion radio, other users will see your call and distance to them. This feature does NOT show the distance to the repeater.

Short SMS text messaging is also supported in DN mode, along with sending photos if you are equipped with the camera microphone.

Because this repeater operates in digital mode only, there will be no CW ID sent, ever. The repeater ID’s every time it is accessed by each user and you will see the display on your radio switch between K4ETN/R and the call of the station currently transmitting.

Due to the fact that in digital mode, there is no requirement under Part 97 to give your call verbally. I would suggest that you do say your call when accessing the repeater as most operators may not see your ID pop up on their display. Feel free to verbally ID if you so desire.

I hope you try the system and enjoy using it.







444.750 to migrate to System Fusion

In October of 2017 the K4ETN West repeater will be changed out to a Yaesu DR1-X System Fusion unit.

With the decreased usage of repeaters in the area, the move to digital is something I have considered for some time now.

444.750 therefore will become a C4FM Digital Voice ONLY repeater. It will not operate in AMS (Automatic Mode Select).

Notification will appear here on the website when the changeover is effective.


K4MFD 444.200 Now linked

The K4MFD 444.200 (118.8 tone) repeater on Viking Mt in Greene County is now linked full time into the NETDA FusioNET System.

This project is in Phase 1-analog build out at this time, with Fusion digital voice to follow in early 2017.

When completed, this dual mode linked system will cover the 8 counties in the Northeast Tennessee region.



K4MFD Joins FusioNET Project

The K4MFD 444.200 repeater on Viking Mt, Greene County, TN has joined the FusioNET Linked Repeater System project.

Located at 4900 feet above sea level on the North Carolina and Tennessee state line, 444.200 serves as the wide area coverage anchor for the FusioNET system. Along with four other 440 MHz repeaters, the system will provide wide area linked coverage for the North East TN region in both analog and C4FM digital voice when completed.

The equipment is being purchased for integration into the linked system and the analog side in operation in a few weeks.


K4ETN East is now Yaesu System Fusion

K4ETN East , 443.100 was upgraded to System Fusion on 6/21/2016

The repeater is operational in AMS (Automatic Mode Select).

Analog users need to use 118.8 tone for analog FM.

You will need a Yaesu Fusion radio to utilize the C4FM Digital Voice mode.

Try it and let me know.