Spring 2016 Update

Hello All!

Looks like a busy year in the K4ETN shop and sites.  First off, I have been accumulating a lot of equipment for the 444.750 repeater. An antenna upgrade is going to be scheduled in a few weeks.

We are replacing the DB-404 with a DB-420 which came from Oklahoma back in March. Then it’s on to actual field testing to see how much coverage improves.

Hopefully this year will see 2 dedicated receiver sites on line for the 444.750. One in the Kingsport/Bristol TN area and another on the north side of I-81 in the Morristown area. If I can possibly get to it, adding a receiver to cover the I-26 corridor through Johnson City down to Unicoi County will help through there also.

Work has started on reconditioning a General Electric voter rack with six channels. This unit was decommissioned back in 1988 and was donated by W2GBO in upstate NY. Along with a ton of spare cards! My thanks to Dave, big thumbs up!

GE Voter Comparator

Spare voter cards

Visit the webpage for further updates as things progress.  This years motto is :

“We live on UHF”


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