444.750 now operational in Fusion Digital Voice

The 444.750 repeater is out of test mode and fully operational in System Fusion. This repeater is operating in C4FM Digital voice ONLY. No analog operation is supported.

I recommend using Digital Narrow (DN) mode on the system due to superior bit error correction. Also DN runs GPS data in the sub band allowing for your GPS data(if supported by your radio) to give you distance to station that is transmitting through the repeater.

With your call sign entered in your Fusion radio, other users will see your call and distance to them. This feature does NOT show the distance to the repeater.

Short SMS text messaging is also supported in DN mode, along with sending photos if you are equipped with the camera microphone.

Because this repeater operates in digital mode only, there will be no CW ID sent, ever. The repeater ID’s every time it is accessed by each user and you will see the display on your radio switch between K4ETN/R and the call of the station currently transmitting.

Due to the fact that in digital mode, there is no requirement under Part 97 to give your call verbally. I would suggest that you do say your call when accessing the repeater as most operators may not see your ID pop up on their display. Feel free to verbally ID if you so desire.

I hope you try the system and enjoy using it.







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