Associated Repeaters

442.500 KK4FPB Repeater

* This repeater is scheduled to be upgraded and relocated in 2016 as part of the System Fusion NET Project*

The 442.500 repeater is located on Ford Creek Rd, Gray, TN. Approximately 1.2 miles SW of the I-81 and I-26 junction.

This repeater has been in operation since November 2014. The site elevation is 1503 feet above sea level.

The repeater is a General Electric Mastr Executive II Tx/Rx deck with a GE UHS (ultra high sensitivity) receiver pre amp. The tx exciter drives a Mastr II series 100 watt continuous duty PA equipped with a cooling fan.

This repeater uses a Phelps Dodge duplexer and a custom Decibel Products DB-411/408 antenna.

Repeater Frequency Information:

Input: 447.500     Tone 118.8

Output 442.500    carrier squelch output

This repeater was built by K4ETN for KK4FPB and is slated to be part of the linked 440 system.


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