443.100 Repeater

K4ETN/R East, Jonesborough, TN 

Repeater Output-443.100 with 118.8 tone   Input- 448.100 with 118.8 tone

 Repeater Status: On the Air  

system-fusion-logo-header                      Logo 1Affiliated Repeater


K4ETN East is now System Fusion!  This repeater operates in Automatic Mode Select.

The 443.100 K4ETN repeater has been in continuous operation since June of 2013.

The current equipment is a Yaesu DR1-X repeater with a outboard Standard 90 watt amplifier, General Electric Mastr III 43 amp power supply, Celwave 526 Bp/Br duplexer and a Phelps Dodge Super Station Master antenna, mounted atop 30 feet of Rohn 25-G tower.

DR1X Pic 1


The repeater is located on Sugar Hollow Ridge, 1937 feet above sea level just west of Jonesborough, TN.

Coverage area includes Jonesborough, Sulfur Springs, Boones Creek, Telford, Limestone, Chuckey, Bowmantown, North and Western Johnson City, Elizabethton, Hunter, Kingsport, Lamar, and parts of Unicoi and Erwin. Some coverage is available in the Piney Flats area and Bristol Motor Speedway / Blountville area and along the I-81 corridor north of I-26.

Projected repeater coverage area

NOTE: This plot does not account for propagation anomalies or HT coverage. Mobile coverage is based on 25 watts and a mobile antenna with 2db of gain as a reference. Your results may vary.

443.100 Plot 1


IMG_20131201_143312_resizedDR1X Pic 2                  


IMG_20130602_203754_resized           West Link Antenna


Antenna upgrade completed 04/8/2015

443.100 SuperStation Master2





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