To the K4ETN System website.

Please note that the repeaters I have put on the air are entirely funded personally.

If you reside in the East Tennessee area, please support the system by using the repeaters for your amateur communications needs. And your usage reports are very valuable to me to make improvements over time.

As time and funding permits, improvements to all of the repeaters will be done. So please have patience with us.

I have a group of hams who are instrumental in helping with the  system. And my express thanks to them for all of the help they provide.

I hope that when you are in the service area of one of the listed repeaters, you put your call out and say hello!

If you have any equipment that may be of use to me in expanding the system, or that is surplus to your needs, donations are gratefully accepted.


George, K4ETN

2 thoughts on “About

  1. Greetings!

    I am curious about the status of your 900 MHz machine. I am a student at Tusculum college and have the luxury of looking at Viking Moutain almost every day. I recently acquired a Motorola GTX 900 and I can’t wait to get it on the air.

    Nate KN4EHX


    • Hi Nate, The only 900 MHz repeater in the area is located on Bays Mt. in Sullivan County. That repeater is affiliated with the Kingsport Amateur Radio Club W4TRC. The frequency is 927.025 with 118.8 PL.

      Jeff, K4MFD has a 900 machine in Greene County near you. It is in the testing phase as far as I know. 927.050 with 118.8 PL. All 900 machines are -25 KHz offset.

      All of my repeaters and the repeaters in the NETDA linked system are on 440 MHz I have no current plans to put up a 900 MHz machine at this time.



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