K4MFD 444.200 Now linked

The K4MFD 444.200 (118.8 tone) repeater on Viking Mt in Greene County is now linked full time into the NETDA FusioNET System.

This project is in Phase 1-analog build out at this time, with Fusion digital voice to follow in early 2017.

When completed, this dual mode linked system will cover the 8 counties in the Northeast Tennessee region.



K4MFD Joins FusioNET Project

The K4MFD 444.200 repeater on Viking Mt, Greene County, TN has joined the FusioNET Linked Repeater System project.

Located at 4900 feet above sea level on the North Carolina and Tennessee state line, 444.200 serves as the wide area coverage anchor for the FusioNET system. Along with four other 440 MHz repeaters, the system will provide wide area linked coverage for the North East TN region in both analog and C4FM digital voice when completed.

The equipment is being purchased for integration into the linked system and the analog side in operation in a few weeks.


K4ETN East is now Yaesu System Fusion

K4ETN East , 443.100 was upgraded to System Fusion on 6/21/2016

The repeater is operational in AMS (Automatic Mode Select).

Analog users need to use 118.8 tone for analog FM.

You will need a Yaesu Fusion radio to utilize the C4FM Digital Voice mode.

Try it and let me know.