K4ETN/East to migrate to System Fusion Digital in 2016


After long and hard consideration, the 443.100 K4ETN/East repeater will migrate to Yeasu System Fusion digital voice over the next few months.

This upgrade will operate in AMS (Automatic Selection Mode) which will still allow the use of analog conventional signals to be repeated, and switch to C4FM digital voice and FDMA data transfer when a digital signal is heard.

System Fusion is also compatible with Wires X VoIP technology allowing for internet linking, or can be linked via Allstar protocol.

For those who wish to invest in this technology, the new FTM100-DR Yeasu is in the same price tier as the conventional FT-7900 series radio. Making the transition very affordable. Users will still have conventional analog voice and able to use their favorite analog repeaters.

More information forthcoming as the project progresses.

If you have questions or comments, feel free to contact me.




Spring 2016 Update

Hello All!

Looks like a busy year in the K4ETN shop and sites.  First off, I have been accumulating a lot of equipment for the 444.750 repeater. An antenna upgrade is going to be scheduled in a few weeks.

We are replacing the DB-404 with a DB-420 which came from Oklahoma back in March. Then it’s on to actual field testing to see how much coverage improves.

Hopefully this year will see 2 dedicated receiver sites on line for the 444.750. One in the Kingsport/Bristol TN area and another on the north side of I-81 in the Morristown area. If I can possibly get to it, adding a receiver to cover the I-26 corridor through Johnson City down to Unicoi County will help through there also.

Work has started on reconditioning a General Electric voter rack with six channels. This unit was decommissioned back in 1988 and was donated by W2GBO in upstate NY. Along with a ton of spare cards! My thanks to Dave, big thumbs up!

GE Voter Comparator

Spare voter cards

Visit the webpage for further updates as things progress.  This years motto is :

“We live on UHF”


Repeater Antenna’s making a long journey to TN.


Last month KE4JFL found two Decibel Products commercial UHF antenna’s that we need for upgrades to the system in Oklahoma.  The owner was willing to make us a great deal on them, but shipping would break the budget for us.

Thanks to Rich’s friend, Pete May from Greeneville, TN, Pete was able to pick up these for us in Oklahoma and is transporting them back to TN.  And in the process saved us huge shipping and crating costs.

Thanks Pete. Your help is greatly appreciated.


DB 408  and DB 420 Picked up in Oklahoma