Donations and Things we need

If you have excess equipment that you would like to donate , below is a list of equipment that would come in very handy.

UHF Equipment only please!

I am looking for the following:  GE/Ericson UHF mobiles- MVS, MDX or Orion (dash and remote mount)

Kenwood UHF mobiles: TK-880 and TK-880H, TKR-850 Ver. 2 rack mount repeaters, Kenwood KMC-27 mobile microphones, TK-890 mobile radios and accessories and Kenwood TK-8150 mobiles.

1/4 inch Andrew Superflex and 1/2 inch Superflex.  1/2 inch and 7/8 inch Heliax transmission line (undamaged please) and N female connectors.

VHF and UHF pass cavities

GE Voter cards, both the early gray versions and the later black ones. GE Voter power supply. GE RKP (Remote Keying Panel)

Of course if you would like to make a cash donation to help out with the monthly expenses of keeping these repeaters on the air, your help is greatly appreciated.