Linking Project

Welcome to East Tennessee, where terrain issues are a way of life in radio communications. With the mountainous terrain, hills, valleys and roads where they followed a drunken herd of goats before paving Just when you think you have it figured out….

*Updated 11/14/17*

The linking project has taken a slight detour from it’s original plan.

The Fusion NET System development has changed the parameters of how we are going to accomplish the linking.

The 444.750 West repeater has migrated to System Fusion. There are currently no plans to link the 750 into FusioNET. It will remain as a stand alone digital voice only repeater.

There is no internet access at the 444.750 site, for that reason the decision was made to leave the repeater in stand alone mode.

The 443.100 East System Fusion repeater will also be setup on a Echolink node, in analog only mode through the system. Users will have access to our analog side of FusioNET through the Allstar linking platform.

For more information see the FusioNET page.

Thank you for your patience.

West Link Antenna



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