North East TN Digital Association-NETDA

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The North East TN Digital Association was formed in June of 2016 to advance the growth of digital communications in the northeast TN corridor.

We offer technical advice and support to amateur operators that are wanting to migrate to the digital voice modes. Repeater trustees and clubs wishing to convert their infrastructure are welcome to join NETDA for resource sharing and information.

NETDA will address recognized amateur radio clubs and give a presentation that is specifically tailored to the clubs interest free of charge. Individual operators may request information on equipment selection, use and programming.

NETDA sponsors the System Fusion NET Project, a triad of three 70 cm Yaesu System Fusion repeaters in the Tri Cities Area. The system is currently under development and should be completed by the end of calendar year 2016.

NETDA has been issued the vanity club call W4YSF. This call sign currently is used on two repeaters. 443.950 in Johnson City, TN and on the 443.5625 P25 repeater on Bays Mt, Sullivan County TN.

If you would like to join (there is no fee for membership) or need information, contact us via email at:

We are also on Facebook:

Or visit the NETDA webpage at

NETDA Officers

President- George Odom K4ETN              Vice President- Eric Stanton KK4FPB

Secretary- Stephen Brown Jr K1LNX       Treasurer- Kay Odom K4KLO